Murray Baker

Murray Baker is a leading North American authority on student financial planning and author of the best seller, The Debt-Free Graduate, a financial survival guide for students, originally published by HarperCollins. Since its release, The Debt-Free Graduate has received overwhelming response, has made it to # 3 on the Toronto Star bestseller list and has now gone to a 14th edition. Over 190,000 copies have been sold in Canada. In addition to the revised Canadian publication, a U.S edition has also been released.

Murray Baker receives numerous requests to speak to both students, parents and financial groups on the topic of student finance and investing for post-secondary education, both in Canada and abroad. In addition to covering investing, he also focuses on a conservationist approach to spending money.

Murray has previously coordinated first year programs at the University of Western Ontario, focusing on transition and financial issues and has collaborated on numerous student life research studies and large scale events. He has also worked in the area of student career and employment counseling. In addition to speaking on student financial issues and conducting research on student financing, Murray also writes for various financial and educational publications. He was also a contributor to the book Money Secrets (Readers Digest, edited by Gordon Pape) a book aimed primarily at the adult market, which was released in the spring of 2003, and the recently released, Achieving Student Success: Effective Student Services in Canadian Higher Education. Murray has also developed, in partnership with the Canadian Federal Governmentís HRDC, the CanLearn Interactive web site to assist students and parents with planning their post secondary education.

Since the first release of The Debt Free Graduate in 1996, Murray has done over 400 interviews in major media publications across Canada including Canadian print publications: The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Vancouver Sun, The Toronto Star, Halifax Chronicle-Herald, Ottawa Citizen, Canadian MoneySaver, Campus Canada, and University Affairs/Affaires Universitaires. Murray has also made frequent appearances on Canada AM, CBC Newsworld, CITY-TVís Breakfast TV, MuchMusic, The Camilla Scott Show, BCTVís Money Talks, ROB TVís Squeeze Play, TV Ontarioís Studio 2, CTVís Eye on Toronto, and Global News. He has also done multiple interviews on CBC Radio and other national and regional stations across Canada. Since the Fall 2000 U.S. release of The Debt Free Graduate, Murray has received numerous requests for interviews throughout the U.S. and has appeared on such U.S. talk shows as Larry Burkettís MoneyMatters, On Your Side, Financial Peace and A to Z and in print publications such as The Detroit news, Womenís World, Boston NOW and Bottom Line Personal.

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