The Debt-Free Grad

The Debt Free Graduate (Revised Edition)

How to Survive College or University Without Going Broke

From Money$mart (First published, HarperPerennial).
Over 190,000 copies sold!

An updated version of the guide that people have been praising and that no student can afford to be without! Since the bestseller,The Debt-Free Graduate, was first published in 1996, university and college tuition fees have more than doubled in some provinces. Students have staged protests against those staggering increases. Bankruptcies among new graduates continue at an alarming rate. And the media is sitting up and taking notice; chronicling the lives of a generation that may be trapped for life by a debt racked up in the pursuit of an education.

The Debt-Free Graduate is filled with tips on:

  • Finding the best summer jobs
  • Strategies for making your money go further
  • Information on eating and entertaining on a shoestring budget (including getting the most from campus meal plans)
  • Finding hidden sources of free money
  • Cutting the costs of school supplies
  • Avoiding the big bank heist
  • Travelling on the Cheap

…and a wealth of advice on turning a student status into a financial advantage.

More than ever, students need some financial advice on how to avoid the pitfall of terminal indebtedness.

The Debt-Free Graduate delivers that and more. In the same witty, accessible and down-to-earth style that made the first edition so successful, Murray Baker gives updated information and timely advice reflecting the latest tax, RESP and loan rules available:

  • How to navigate the latest provincial and federal loan and bursary programs
  • Where to find online information on scholarships, loans, housing and jobs
  • New ways to save on travel
  • Investing strategies for students
  • Getting the most from student tax breaks; the latest tax info
  • How the new RESP rules affect you
  • Making the most of ever-changing student health care plans
  • Tackling the realities of debt repayment, loan consolidation and interest relief
  • Assessing the real costs of declaring personal bankruptcy

And much, much more.

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Ordering Multiple Copies

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